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Many organisations struggle with out-of-date PC hardware and Operating Systems because they don't have the capabilities required to easily plan, develop and roll out a new or upgraded desktop platform.

Most organisations believe they lack the budget and resources to upgrade or roll out a new desktop operating platform and quite often they see desktop deployments as difficult, disruptive to users, risky and lacking in return on investment.

As a result, organisations deploy desktop hardware and operating systems ad-hoc, often when the hardware is well beyond its refresh cycle date or when the operating system will no longer function. At this point, user productivity has been significantly impacted for quite some time and frustration with both the IT systems and the IT service provider or IT department has escelated to anger.

Staff working with poor performing and unreliable PCs with outdated operating systems can not only impact productivity and morale, it can also damage the organisations competitive edge achieved within their technology investements.

Unfortunately, the attitude of 'don't fix what isn't broken' can be extremely counter productive for your business. Staff need their systems to perform optimally year-round, but organisations don't just rebuild computers and upgrade hardware for the fun of it. Especially if the process of doing so is labour intensive and disruptive.

Traditonal methods of installing Operating Systems and upgrading to new hardware are costly, error prone, inconsistent, labour intensive and disruptive to users. Also, the traditional method to install the Operating System doesn't provide management capabilities so maintaining the systems is difficult.

This whole situation is quickly and easily resolved with 2way Technology's fully automated, unattended Windows Deployment solution and when combined with Management systems such as Microsoft's System Centre Configuration Manager, management of systems is simple and powerful.

Refreshing Operating System installations and upgrading hardware technology brings greater productivity, lower support costs and improved staff morale and with management tools, our Windows Deployment solutions provide much needed management and maintenance capabilities.

Our solutions are built on extensive experience in designing, building and rolling out desktop and server Standard Operating Environment's (SOE) for a number of corporate organisations. Our solutions achieve fast, efficient, consistent and cost-effective system installations which can easily be integrated as part of your organisations Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy.

Our Windows Deployment solutions give organisations the capability to install large numbers of systems quickly, each with the same consistent Operating System and each with the same consistent set of applications and configurations. With System Center Configration Manager, organisations can manage their SOE Windows systems from a central console, performing functions such as silently install, upgrade & remove software, perform remote control, maintain hardware & software inventory and report on software usaged.

2way Technology's can design, implement, manage and maintain a comprehensive Standard Operating Environment and System Center Configuration Manager solution tailored to your business.

Windows Deployment Solutions Overview

  • Windows Desktops, Laptops & Tablets
  • Windows Servers
  • Citrix Application Servers
  • Virtual & Physical Systems
  • Single Image For Multiple Hardware Types
  • Completely Automated

Standard Operating Environments (SOE)

  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008

Small & Midsize Solutions Available

We have a Windows Installation and SOE solution specially designed for small and midsize organisations. We can design, supply and implement an affordable SOE solution as well as supply on-going management services. Our Windows Deployment solution for small and midsize organisations ensures small and medium sized enterprises also have the opportunity to benefit from the consistency, reliability and security of an SOE style system.

Windows Deployment Benefits

  • Fast Recovery from System Failure
  • Reduced IT Support & Maintenance Costs for Windows Systems
  • Establish Consistent Systems Throughout Organisation
  • Improved Performance, Security, Stability & Reliability
  • Simplified Management of Systems
  • Improved Speed of Delivery of New Systems & Upgrades

Next Steps

Please contact us if you would like to meet with one of our consultants for a free, no-obligation discussion about Windows Deployment solutions for your business.

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