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2way Technology's offers Website Development services with one clear goal in mind: to create websites that represent your business online as effectively as possible. Our web designers create websites to meet your business needs, strategy and online objectives.

Website Development has become a specialty within a speciality. Over the past decade a number of different web development styles, techniques and technologies have emerged, each requiring different designers with varying skills. Commonly web design companies typically specialise in one or two areas of focus.

By utilising internal and external resources we can provide your business with a broad matrix of web design skills, experience and expertise.

Modern Website development has been complicated by the number of different browser types and computing platforms on the market. Windows and Mac, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Mozilla and Safari each present web designers with different requirements for websites to display correctly when viewed by a different web browser.

The complexities behind ensuring your site displays correctly is known as Browser Compliance, unfortunatley many web design companies lack the neccessary skill and knowledge to successfully create Browser Compliant websites, or they simply ignore this in favour of turning over a project more quickly. The effort required to achieve Browser Compliance can be extremely time consuming and sometimes remediation is impossible if the website hasn't been developed with Browser Compliance in mind.

All sites create by 2way Technology are designed with Browser Compliance in mind and all websites are tested using a range of Browsers to ensure compatibility is maintained. We also offer website review services to check if your existing website is functioning and displaying correctly accross a range of web browsers.

2way Technology offers website development services using in a range of styles and technologies including static HTML websites, eCommerce, Content Management websites, Database back-end integration and custom applications.

Available Services

  • HTML & CSS
  • Classic ASP & ASP.NET
  • PHP
  • JavaScript & VB Script
  • CMS Systems
  • E-Commerce, Shopping Carts
  • Database Integration
  • Custom Web Applications

2way Technology offers Wordpress CMS template and website hosting packages starting from AU$1399.00. If you are seeking a website where you can create, edit and manage your own content, our Wordpress CMS website template with 12 months website hosting package may be for you.

Next Steps

Please contact us if you would like to meet with one of our consultants for a free, no-obligation discussion about Web Development services for your business.

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