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Today, business owners and managers are having to justify their technology investments. Many business owners and IT managers are now expected to demonstrate the return-on-investment (ROI) for new information technology with a business case for IT solutions they plan to investement in.

By engaging 2way Technology to conduct a Technology Assessment, we can help your organisation gain an insight into the current technical environment of your organisation, which in-turn provides a guide as to what areas your ogranisation should be focusing on when making technology investement decisions.

Why The Need For a Small Business Technology Assessment?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you satisfied with your current information technology investments?
  • Is your technology aligned with your business goals and strategic objectives?
  • Does your current technology deliver bottom-line benefits for your company?
  • Are you confident in building a business case to evaluate new technology?
  • Are you confident in deploying new technology in your business?
  • Are the benefits of IT in your business quantifiable when compared to cost?

Using proven methodologies developed over years of experience and knowledge in performing engagements for a number of corporate organisations spread across a range of vertical industries, we can explore, assess and report on the following key areas of your business' Information Technology systems:

  • IT needs and strategic opportunities
  • IT strategy
  • Business systems
  • Application environment
  • Technical infrastructure
  • Overall IT investment
  • Potential costs & benefits of new technology investments

Technology Assessment Benefits

Our Technology Assessments enables you to maximise your technology investment and through implementing our recommendations you will achieve a significant improvement within your business systems.

  • Achieve maximum returns from technology investment
  • Improve resilience of your I.T. infrastructure
  • Reduce TCO & attain long-term investment returns

Next Steps

Please contact us if you would like to meet with one of our consultants for a free, no-obligation discussion about a Technology Assessment for your business.

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