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With business growth comes an increase in the complexity of the IT infrastructure to support the business and a corresponding increase in management costs, at this point your organisation requires resources that help ensure your IT infrastructure is capable of effectively meeting the business objectives by allowing you to configure, monitor and control your environment efficiently and effectively.

The health of your business is dependant on having access to critical business IT services and information. Any amount of IT downtime can result in lost productivity, lost sales, lost customers and lost opportunities. It is now more critical than ever to ensure business IT systems remain in a healthy and secure state to ensure business productivity is maintained. In order to maintain the health of your IT infrastructure, making updates and changes as required when problems occur becomes a neccessity.

IT Systems Management products are used to conduct maintenance and management on PC, Laptop and Server systems from a centralised location. The ability to manage software, deploy software updates and security patches as well as make changes to systems is simplified and streamlined.

2way Technology can provide your business with Systems Management solutions - such as Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager to help take the pain out of managing your IT infrastructure through the use of a centralised console.

Systems Management Overview

  • Centralised Management
  • Operating System Deployment
  • Software Management
  • Asset Management

Systems Management Benefits

  • Improved System Stability
  • Reduced IT Support & Maintenance Costs for Windows Systems
  • Establish Consistent Systems Throughout Organisation
  • Improved Productivity
  • Simplified Management of IT Systems
  • Improved Speed of Delivery of New Systems & Software Upgrades

Next Steps

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