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Web site visitors have learned to look for the padlock and "https" in the URL address to demonstrate a Web page is secure. In the latest browsers, visitors have also started to see a green URL address bar when a highly secured site is detected.

To guard against imposters and phishing sites, Web site visitors have been educated to look for information identifying the site as secure. Gaining the trust of online customers is vital for the success of your store, business owners must do everything possible to maintain that trust.

An SSL Certificate helps build trust with your online customers and give your Web site visitors the confidence they need to interact online and know your Web site is tusted and secure.

SSL Certificates aren't just just used on eCommerce Web sites, but also on business IT systems such as Wireless Networks, VPN Solutions and Remote Access solutions such as Citrix and Exchange Web Access.

2way Technology supplys clients with high-quality Comodo SSL Certificates at a competative price and with our ability to issue certificates on the spot, we can supply fast turn-around on orders.

Full Range of Comodo SSL Certificates Available in 1, 2 & 3 Year Options

  • Intranet SSL - 1 year from $74.99
  • Instant SSL - 1 year from $104.99
  • InstantSSL Pro - 1 year from $145.99
  • PremiumSSL - 1 year from $189.99
  • PremiumSSL Wildcard - 1 year from $729.99
  • PremiumSSL Legacy - 1 year from $74.99
  • PremiumSSL Legacy Wildcard - 1 year from $279.99
  • SGC SSL - 1 year from $349.99
  • SGC SSL Wildcard - 1 year from $1029.99
  • EliteSSL - 1 year from $319.99
  • GoldSSL - 1 year from $429.99
  • PlatinumSSL - 1 year from $549.99
  • PlatinumSSL Wildcard - 1 year from $1599.99
  • Unified Communications - 1 year from $799.99
  • Card Payment Trust Logo's Available

Next Steps

Please contact us if you would like to meet with one of our consultants for a free, no-obligation discussion about SSL Certificates requirements for your business.

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