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Proactive IT Maintenance

In today's IT landscape, most businesses understand first-hand the impact of having their IT operations crippled by system issues and outages. The impact of unreliable or problematic IT systems can have enormous repercussions on most businesses and in some industries can make or break the business. Worse yet, a poorly functioning system can close down a healthy viable business due to regulatory compliance issues.

Unfortuantely, very few business owners and managers are aware that many of their IT issues are preventable through implementing preventative measures within their IT strategy. The cause of widespread lack of awareness is contributed in many ways including;

  • IT Service Provider Awareness. Many IT providers don't have exposure to the preventative strategies employed within the large corporate and Government sectors, let alone have a dedication to it. Lack of awareness on how to address common issues through proactive prevention is significantly contributed by IT service providers.
  • IT Service Provider Focus. Many IT service providers don't possess the skill, knowledge, time and patience required to design and implement sophisticated proactive prevention strategies, let alone have the funding to support the high research and development costs associated. Many of the strategies built into 2way Technology's infrastructure systems are designed and built in-house and are a result of well over ten years investement in development, on-going refinement and client deployment.
  • IT Service Provider Incentive. From a commercial perspective many IT service providers don't see favourable incentives for implementing proactive prevention strategies because it will affect their ability to bill clients for regular remediation and reactive break-fix services.
  • Costs. There are costs associated with the initial design and implementation of proactive prevention as well as on-going costs in maintainance. Unfortunately, some IT decision makers don't take the time to analyse the benefits of a proactive system opposed to a system susceptible to problems and issues. Our message always remains the same: prevention is more cost-effective.

Proactive Problem Prevention Benefits

The benefits of implementing proactive problem prevention strategies are enormous. Businesses run smoother, are more productive and operate more efficiently and for longer - all through having access to more dependable and better performing IT systems.

Case Examples

Blackwidow Fireworks required a full IT system implementation and decided to utilise our Proactive Prevention strategies. Their system has now been in operation for 5 years without a single hour of downtime or single incident and they haven't experienced any of the common computer problems or typical headaches which plagued their previous system.

Conaghan Hunter Solicitors selected 2way Technology to upgrade their entire IT system and decided to implement our Managed Services model which is supplied with our Proactive Prevention strategies. Their system has been in operation for over 2 years also without a single hour of downtime or system outage.

Next Steps

Please contact us if you would like to meet with one of our consultants for a free, no-obligation discussion about Proactive Problem Prevention strategies and services for your business.

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