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"Our Managed Service clients rarely spend their yearly IT budget on reactive services such as break-fix and repairs. Managed clients yearly IT budget is allocated to value-added services in areas of new technology, upgrades and other technology improvements that introduce real benefits to their businesses. This is the standard we work to achieve and our clients have learned to expect nothing less. Ask us how we can achieve this for your business"

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All too often the question is asked: ‘Are you ready for the cloud?’ when a more appropriate question is: ‘Is the cloud ready for you?’

Cloud Computing is the latest, ‘next best thing’ in the IT industry. Organisations are under seemingly irresistible pressure, both internally and externally, to commit to this new model of computing. One could liken this to the emperor’s new clothes in Hans Christian Andersen’s short tale; those garments were invisible to those persons unfit for their positions or incompetent. In like manner the superiorities of cloud computing over the current on-premise models can only be denied by people of equal ineptitude...or so the protagonists of cloud computing would have us believe.

Whether you are enthusiastic about cloud computing or not, it is here to stay and has a compelling wave of hype sweeping it forward. Such a tsunami can only be ignored at peril.

Being swept along on a tide of hype however is not a rational or helpful course of action. There is an alternative approach. Organisations need to stop considering the cost of attempting to move to the cloud on their own state of ‘cloud readiness’ and instead start assessing the readiness of the cloud for them, placing their needs and their interests back into the heart of the equation. Cloud computing can offer significant benefits, but potential hazards on the way could outstrip the initial gains made. Organisations would do well to work with third-party providers skilled in remote management and managed services in order to navigate a path to the cloud on their own terms, not those that meet the agenda of cloud computing vendors who want to drive organisations along at their pace. Taking this alternative approach will improve the ability to see a genuine Return On Investment (‘ROI’) from the cloud.

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