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Data is the lifeline of your business and strorage systems for your data presents challenges that can directly impact your bottom-line business results.

Increasing complexities, higher storage costs, tighter governing regulations access, data protection even the costs to power and cool data storage equipment and then environmental space constraints.

Implementing new data storage technologies can be a costly exercise so you need to ensure when making the decision to upgrade your storage solution, you're making the right choice first time round.

A carefully designed storage solution can mean increased business productivity, lower data storage costs and more efficient business operations. But the incorrect decision can be a costly exercise that leaves your organisation with inefficient data storage, high storage costs or maybe even an incompatible solution sitting on the floor.

If your organisation is already working at stroage capacity, this can bring serious resource issues and business interruptions are likely to occur. Maybe even result in significant downtime of mission crititical IT systems which has the potential to impact your ability to service your customers.

When you select 2way Technology as your partner to design a data storage solution for your business, we will ensure your provided with a storage solution capable of supporting your business needs today and scalable for tomorrow. We provide high quality solutions using proven storage products that offer reliability and flexability so as your business grows, your data storage can grow with it.

Data Storage Solutions

  • SAN - Storage Area Network
  • DAS - Direct Attached Storage
  • NAS - Network Attached Storage

Data Storage Benefits

  • Advanced Levels of Data Protection
  • Fast Access To Information
  • Flexibility - Increase & Allocate Storage As Required
  • Lower Storage Costs
  • Ensure Business Continuity
  • Minimise Risk of Data Loss
  • Minimise Risk of Downtime
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Next Steps

Please contact us if you would like to meet with one of our consultants for a free, no-obligation discussion about Data Storage solutions for your business.

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