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When thinking about data backup and data protection, there are only two types of businesses. There are those that have had a brush with data disaster and those that will. Will your company be prepared when the unthinkable strikes?

It's inevitable, at some point it will happen to everyone who works with electronic information. A file will become corrupt or get misplaced, recent changes to a crucial document will get saved over or more commonly hardware will fail. You could be just one click of a button away from destroying a day, week, month or years worth of work.

Even just a few minutes of irrecoverable data can lead to lost revenue and potentially lost clients, even the collapse of your business.

The ability to recover data is one of the more critical aspects of your IT infrastructure. Data Backup & Data Protection is one area where expense should not be spared and corners can not afford to be cut. Your data is your most valuable asset and you must do all you can to protect it. Having a backup strategy is of utmost importance!

2way Technology can design, implement, manage, maintain and monitor a comprehensive Data Backup and Data Protection strategy, tailored to your business.

Recommended Data Backup & Protection Strategy

  • Nightly Backups as minimum, Preferrably Continous Data Protection
  • Data Verification
  • Ability to Backup Data Whilst In-Use
  • Regular Testing, File & Database Restoration & Full Disaster Recovery
  • Secure Offsite Storage of Backups
  • Capacity for Growth or The Ability to Scale for Growth
  • Completely Automated

2way Technology has a range of Data Backup & Data Protection solutions available that meet the needs of small, midsize and large organisations. We can design, supply and implement a comprehensive Data Backup & Protection solution as well as provide on-going management and monitoring services.

Data Backup & Protection Benefits

  • Safeguard Your Business & IT Investements
  • Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - Your Data
  • Peace of Mind Knowing Your Protected When Disaster Strikes

Next Steps

Please contact us if you would like to meet with one of our consultants for a free, no-obligation discussion about Data Backup & Protection for your business.

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