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    Hyper-V No active network adapters found

    Recently I installed Hyper-V R2 onto a Lenovo T510 Laptop to be used as a Wise Package Studio Application Packaging Server.

    This is somewhat of an inexpensive server to support two packagers working on site for a Government client for a short period of time. The short story is, they want all of the packaging to be performed on site but they don't have any packaging infrastructure.

    Option "A" is to take a DL360 G4 server onsite and work off that but the simple fact is the two quad-core CPUs and 15K SCSI disks are a bit too heavy and noisy to work with. It's also a bit much to ask my staff to carry a 1U server with them to a client site along with everything else they need to take.

    So the answer is we have a Lenovo T510 Laptop running the Core i7 Quad-Core with 8GB of RAM. It has Hyper-V 2008 R2 installed straight onto the disk (not Server 2008 R2 with the Hyper-V Role) and from there it has a Windows Server Guest running DHCP (for the packaging clients) as well as SQL and Wise Package Studio. There is enough resources left to run a Guest Windows 7 client or two for packaging and testing if needed but the idea with this is to use the Lenovo Laptop as a mobile Wise Package Studio server setup which our Packaging staff can easily take with them for on-site packaging engagements.

    In order to get Hyper-V working on the T510 there was a couple of steps I had to do:

    1. Enable Virtualisation in the BIOS

    2. Install the Network Drivers into Hyper-V.

    On the T510 Laptop, the drivers for the NIC are not available in the Hyper-V R2 install WIM and the Windows 7 x64 drivers from Lenovo don't work with Hyper-V. In the end, the solution was to download the NIC drivers from Intel from here: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/confirm.aspx?httpDown=http://downloadmirror.intel.com/18725/eng/PROWinx64.exe&agr=&ProductID=&DwnldId=18725&strOSs=&OSFullName=&lang=eng. I then had to use the Hyper-V pnputil command:

    pnputil -i -a e1k62x64.inf

    Once this command was run the Intel 82577LM Gigabit Network Adapter was installed. From here was a simple case of installing a Guest Virtual Machine using the Microsoft Hyper-V Manager as part of the Remote Administration Tools for Windows 7.

    At this stage the mobile packaging server is working well.



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