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    BPOS - Exchange Online Performance

    Well it's been a little over a month since migrating to Exchange Online supplied through the BPOS service offering.

    So far the service has been overall really good but I though it's important to share a few 'limitations' and perhaps bugs.

    Additional Mailboxes

    The first issue which has come to our attention is the support for Additional mailboxes. Whilst you can add supplemental mailboxes to Outlook there are a few steps you have to do in order to setup the security permissions. To enable your primary mailbox to have access to additional mailboxes you have to execute a PowerShell command which grants Full Control and SendAs rights. This is no so bad as the PowerShell script works and all you have to do is use your variables. Microsoft has the syntax documented here: http://www.microsoft.com/online/help/en-us/helphowto/f83a224b-53c5-48b4-8e72-327571c4555e.htm

    Add-MSOnlineMailPermission -Identity user@example.com -Credential $cred -TrustedUser admin@example.com –GrantFullAccess True –GrantSendAs True

    The next thing you do is add the account to your Outlook as a secondary mailbox, this you do as you would normally.

    Where the 'bug' appears is Outlook struggles to open emails which are bigger than a typical size email in particular emails which contain attachments over say 500KB. If you try to open an email with say a 3MB attachment you might as well go away and make yourself some lunch because Outlook takes a long time to open the email. If you try to save the attachment locally you also notice the same performance issues. I've noticed these issues don't exist if the email is in the primary mailbox.

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