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    Wise Package Studio 8 Released!!

    The leading Application Packaging software product, Wise Package Studio version 8 has finally been released. This new version brings a number of new features, the most important in my opinion is support for 64bit and improvements for packaging on Windows 7 or for Windows 7. You can get more information, including a Free Trial of the product here: http://www.symantec.com/business/package-studio.

    I suggest you keep a watchful eye on the known issues list:

    Known issues in Wise Package Studio 8

    Wise Task Scheduler issue. If you install Wise Package Studio Professional, and later add an Enterprise Management Server license, the shortcut to Wise Task Scheduler (an Enterprise feature) is not added to the Start menu.

    Altiris SVS Applet. The Altiris SVS Applet context-sensitive help does not work. By default, the help for the Altiris SVS Applet is installed in the C:\Program Files\Altiris\Software Virtualization Agent directory.

    SetupCapture. On a Windows 7 computer, SetupCapture hangs when capturing an .EXE with self-registering .DLLs if the Enhanced File and Registry Key Association option is checked on the General Settings tab.

    Firewall Exceptions. In Windows Installer Editor, on the Firewall Exceptions page, you cannot add a Firewall exception to a feature with a condition.

    Display Message action. In Windows Installer Editor, if you add a Display Message action in the Execute Immediate sequence, the message appears behind the progress dialog box on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 computers.

    Media page. In Windows Installer Editor, on the Media page, if you select the Quickest option to create external CAB files, multiple cab files are not created for .WSIs.

    29212: If you uninstall Wise Package Studio and re-install it, the Altiris Software Virtualization Agent (SVS Agent) does not get reinstalled.

    • To prevent this problem, uninstall the Altiris Software Virtualization Agent before you uninstall Wise Package Studio.
    • If you uninstalled Wise Package Studio without uninstalling the Altiris Software Virtualization Agent first, then start Virtual Package Editor and you will be prompted to install the agent.
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