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In a modern organisation, it is quite common to have hundreds of applications installed on client computers – each with their own unique installation and configuration requirements.

Whilst some of these requirements are simple to accommodate, others can be complex and this often leads to difficulties for the organisation to deploy and support.

An effective way to resolve this problem is through automating the application installation and configuration process, often referred to as Application Packaging. This process results in a consistent and reliable application deployment experience.

Application Packaging helps organisations manage software for desktop and server systems more efficiently by streamlining the configuration and software deployment processes and helps reduce on-going management costs.

When coupled with management techniques, organisations can manage and administer their software investments more efficiently with reduced end-user support costs and minimised end-user disruption whilst the software is being installed.

When you select 2way Technology as your Application Packaging parter, we can provide your organisation with a wealth of experience in Application Packaging using best of breed products such as Wise Package Studio and InstallShield.

Our staff have designed Application Packages for Financial, Legal, Wholesale, Retail, Manufacturing, Government and various Industry bodies. We have the tools and the systems ability to produce Application Packages to meet your requirements in a timely manner.

Our areas of speciality include packaging for secure, locked down environments where user privileges are limited as well as virtualised environments such as Citrix and Terminal Services. We can also provide expert advice and guidance with Visual Basic scripting as well as software deployment systems and methodologies.

Application Packaging Benefits

  • Reduced Administration & Deployment Costs
  • Resolve Conflicts Between Software Products
  • Standardise Installation Methods To All Systems
  • Enable Silent, Automated Software Delivery To End-Users
  • Adhere to Best Practices
  • Resolve Issues When Deploying to Secure, Locked Down Environments

Next Steps

Please contact us if you would like to meet with one of our consultants for a free, no-obligation discussion about Application Packaging services for your business.

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